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  • I first saw Paul sing about 5 years ago and was in shock after his jaw-dropping performance.  I feel like I made some great progress with Paul as he really was determined to make me the best singer I could be.  I am truly grateful to have met and been instructed by the very inspiring, Paul Ouellette.  ADRIAN NAQVI, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul helped me believe in my voice and built my confidence. He showed me great techniques that I can rely on. He is a fun person to work with, and really passionate about music. The 5 one-hour lessons were really effective. I can already hear improvement in my voice.  ÁGNES SZENÁKI, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul is an inspiring teacher. His knowledge about solving problems with the voice combined with the practical application of technique blew my mind. I was able to hit notes, shape vowels and learned a couple of tricks that enabled me to actually see instant improvement in my voice. I also took away some solid warm up techniques and things to keep me sailing through recording my album. - ANDREW GERARD, Vancouver, BC
  • I came to Paul looking for some lessons a couple weeks before traveling abroad to take part in a singing competition. I had received very little formal training, and just pursued music out of my passion for singing. Because of that, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Paul went way above and beyond what I thought I would get out of just two weeks of lessons. I left every single lesson feeling like I gained something else to put under my belt, and my confidence when singing improved drastically. Paul is extremely positive and has very friendly manner, yet at the same time he is excellent at pinpointing areas of improvement and always does so with a smile on his face. Thanks Paul! I loved every lesson!  ALEX RISTICH, Vancouver, BC
  • Training with Paul was extremely beneficial and comfortable, which for me is hard to believe, since i am usually awkward with teachers and hard-headed in believing I know how to do things myself already.  He molds his sessions to fit the unique learning styles of each student, and also recognizes the immediate capabilities and learning speed to make sure one gets the most from the lessons you take with him.  I am sure I will be consulting Paul throughout my career as a singer to maintain healthy and proper technique, as well as to ask for tips and tricks to overcome fatigue from overdoing it the night before.   ANGUS BOYNTON-McNEILLY, Vancouver, BC 
  • Dear Paul, thank you so much for all you have taught our daughter. You have given her the confidence to experiment with music and try new things. Under your guidance she has gone from just carrying a tune to where she wants to sing for an audience. With thanks! ANKE HURT, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable, full of energy, enthusiasm, and really enjoys teaching. My ten year old daughter loves her singing lessons with him. She/we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but Paul has made the transition amazingly smooth (up to meeting Paul my daughter sang in the school choir). His follow-up is amazing. Every lesson he sends my daughter a written review of what they have covered!  He is flexible and accomodating with lesson practice and times. His service is first class, student-centered and with his innovative techniques is a leading expert in this field. Paul truly wants you to succeed. I would hire him in a heart beat!  ANNE MUSCAT, Vancouver, BC
  • I joined Paul with one of his fast track 5 hour singing classes to retrain my lower and middle ranges. Paul shared the techniques he learned from world class opera singers and experts, mixed in with his personal experiences to help me release the voice and the strain that have plagued my singing and practice sessions with my choir. He guided me through clear descriptions of the sensations that occur in the body and muscle coordination exercises that engage the whole body and the correct larynx positions seemed to just come naturally. There was not any vague talks about using the diaphragm or trying to be lighter that tend to leave me guessing whether I am doing the right thing or not. I was able to even release my upper register a bit after 5 hours. We did all this even when I was walking around instead of standing stiffly like a scarecrow, which Paul thinks only adds tension to the body. Paul's passion about the art is both infectious and inspiring.  I felt easy and was not afraid to make mistakes. I will definitely come back to him for lessons and recommend him to everyone who wants to sing correctly and freely.  BRIAN SHIEH, Vancouver, BC
  • As an amateur singer with less than 1 year under my belt, Paul has been a great inspirational teacher. I got interested in Andrea Bocelli songs a few years back, and I have none whatsoever musical background nor training despite my desires to learn. When I found Paul, I knew I was onto something. The warm chiaro scuro with resonance is what I like most in singing. Paul gave his know-hows to me without holding back. That gift is now in me, and I have excelled. Now, I feel it is truly my beginning of this wonderful journey. Thanks  again, Paul.  CAMERON WONG, Vancouver, BC
  •  It was such an amazing experience having Paul as my singing teacher this past January and February. He is so kind, patient and talented and I looked forward to each lesson I had not wanted them to end. I didn’t know what to expect as I had never taken lessons before, but the hour goes by super fast because it is so much fun. I had the chance to sing and work on any song I wanted and he gave helpful tips and warmups throughout the lesson. I was given singing lessons as my 30th birthday gift and was very pleased with the overall experience. Many times Paul went well over the hour lesson which goes to show how passionate he is about teaching. He also is very accommodating with his schedule and I had all my lessons start at 8pm, which many studios would not typically be open for. All in all would highly recommend and I hope to go back to him in the near future.  CHANTEL MONGOVIUS, Vancouver, BC
  • As an amateur and enthusiastic singer, I was delighted, yet somewhat apprehensive to receive the 5-lesson package as a gift this past fall.  Delighted because learning to sing properly sounded like a wonderful opportunity, but apprehensive about an unknown teacher and style.  It turns out that there was nothing to worry about, quite the opposite.  Paul's teaching style is natural and comfortable. He holds nothing back.  Laying out everything you need to know right off the bat.  And coaching you through any hang ups you may have.  He is a wonderful teacher that I would easily recommend to anyone looking to learn more about their voice, at any level. A delightful experience.  Thank you so much Paul. CIARAN ADAMS, Vancouver, BC
  • I am a 62 year-old man without any musical background. Before being taught by Paul, I didn't have even the slightest interest in singing. However, my wife loves singing. She saw an ad posted by Paul on the net and she really wanted to give herself a try to improve her singing techniques. In the meantime, she also wanted company. I was of course the chosen one. Paul really has the ability to turn things around. My wife now knows how to support her voice from the pelvic floor and how to project her voice. Under Paul's guidance, I can sing "You Raise Me Up". Most important of all, I like singing a lot more than before!  CLIVE & ANGELA CHEUNG, Vancouver, BC
  • What an experience!! I had not sung in 40 years and on a (very tentative) whim, decided to try. Paul was incredibly encouraging, supportive and positive as I squeeked out my first few notes...and somewhere during the following 6 classes, I discovered a range that I didn't even know existed. I have actually now discovered a part of me that has been dormant for years ... and I am so excited to continue pursuing it. He is a master at bringing out the best in you - !!  DEIRDRE McCARVILL, Vancouver, BC
  • After only one lesson with Paul I've already noticed a much anticipated improvement in my vocal recordings. Before I even met with Paul for our lesson I was happily surprised to receive two emails from him. One email being a questionnaire to familiarize himself with my goals and lesson needs. The other a detailed lesson outline with singing tips and Paul's methods of teaching. These emails were very helpful and saved what could have been precious time wasted at the start of our lesson. I was very happy with the lesson and hadn't realized that it had gone well over our scheduled time, with Paul not even batting an eye at the clock. All my questions were addressed and explained in detail. I'm inspired and look forward to my next lesson with Paul, and can now focus on quicker vocal improvement as I believe my search for a vocal coach is over!! GEORGO, Rock & Pop, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul was great! His passion really shines thru. Lessons were fun, and we really learned a lot (took lessons with my wife as a birthday present).  In just 3 lessons everything improved.  If he helped a couple of karaoke junkies like us, he can help you.  GORD & JOSIE  K., Vancouver, BC
  • I heard about Paul through a friend and I'm so glad I took the opportunity to have lessons with him! He is very understanding, very kind and VERY encouraging! I had five lessons with him and I truly felt like my voice improved from every lesson.  Now I am much more comfortable and educated when it comes to singing. I recommend Paul to everyone!  H.T.  15 year-old female singer, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul is extremely positive in his teaching approach, as well as very gifted at pinpointing solutions to vocal challenges - he has a very deep and thorough understanding of the voice, having researched teaching methods in detail and worked with the best. Also his own voice is absolutely beautiful. INGRID MAPSON, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul is one of the most complete singing technicians teaching today. One will find, within minutes of working with him that his knowledge and understanding of the voice, from a pedagogical perpspective, is as deep as it is wide.  INTERNATIONAL TENOR, Canadian colleague
  • The lessons were just so awesome.  I learned a lot during the 3 lesson package, including the breathing technique as well as how to project the voiceJORDAN FENG, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul provides a safe, supportive environment for his singers. He's incredibly open to your needs as an artist, and shifts his teaching styles accordingly, while keeping everything light and pretty darned fun! I am much more confident in my singing and feel I have heaps more control of my voice since studying with Paul. I will continuously recommend Paul Ouellette Vocal Studio to my friends and colleagues.  JANESSA O'HEARN, Vancouver, BC
  • It was a pleasure working with Paul. He is very passionate about singing, which makes him an amazing teacher. I could feel and hear myself improving within a short period of time due to his great teaching techniques.  JULIA WITTMANN, Vancouver, BC
  • On my first class with Paul I had no musical or singing experience... after a few classes with him I have learned a lot: to sing in tune (most of the time), the potential of my musical instrument (my voice), and also a lot about music and the underlying structure of it. The classes are fun and engaging.. the hours fly by... I highly recommend him!  JULIAN GONZALEZ, Vancouver, BC
  • I took 5 one-hour lessons and it has been worth every penny. Paul is a patient and friendly teacher with a sound knowledge of singing techniques. He is thorough and explains many difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner. I am extremely satisfied with the results and improvements in my vocal technique after my lessons with Paul. I would definitely recommend Paul Ouellette's studio to anyone considering taking lessons. Thank you Paul.  KATHY LEE, Vancouver, BC
  • I had a great time working with Paul. I had not been singing for years since high school choir and always wanted to take vocal lessons. I decided to take 5 lessons with Paul and I forgot how much I loved to sing. I learned so much in a short time and feel my voice has improved already. I can't wait to take more lessons with Paul. He makes you feel so comfortable right away and has a great sense of humour. He is so knowledgeable about the voice and I learned so much. He is very passionate about it and it comes out when he teaches. Paul allows you to record your lessons too which is wonderful when you want to review later. He will even sing along with you if he can tell you are not feeling too confident about singing on your own.  I highly recommend anyone to take lessons with Paul! KRISTI  L, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul has a genuine enthusiasm and passion for teaching that shines through in every lesson.  Although I had only signed up for five lessons, Paul has given me a wealth of information and exercises that I not only benefited tremendously from in my short time with him, but that I will also always carry with me and be able to build upon in the future.  Paul has a dedication to his students learning that I never quite experienced before and it has been an absolute joy to work with him.  LUCAS CRAMER, Vancouver, BC
  • I have had other voice and music teachers in the past, but nothing compares to Paul Ouellette Vocal Studio.  I searched every vocal studio/ teacher between Vancouver and the Fraser valley.  Paul gave the most information I needed when looking for a vocal coach.  Paul's formal training, his continued professional performances and his attention to detail come through when giving a lesson.  It doesn't matter what level of vocal training you have had, Paul's skills, techniques and knowledge can improve a singer far beyond anything they thought possible.  Paul's vocal training is so thorough in terms of the little things that make such a difference, you wouldn't think that an extra bit of this and a head movement like that would make such an impact vocally.  In a short amount of time I have increased confidence, pushed my range to places I didn't know I had and I am excited in every lesson.  If money is ever a decision of whether you would choose Paul's vocal studio, take what you have and stretch it over even time periods.  It's more important to take Paul's lessons on a consistent basis than to not take them at all.  Something cheaper will not get you the skills you need.  M.S. 16-year-old singer. Maple Ridge, BC
  • Thanks so much for the lessons.  I hadn't realized there was so much more to singing and really appreciated all the extra written information you provided. Your warm, friendly and easy going nature  made me feel very comfortable and the classes were so much fun!  MARIE CHANG, Vancouver, BC
  • I loved learning from Paul!  He made each singing lesson (which could have been very awkward for me) into a comfortable time of real learning.  He taught me the tools I need for the tour-stamina I came for... and a whole lot more I had no idea I even needed. The short time we had together far better equipped and protected me for a long career on tour and in the studio.  Recommended!  MATT EPP, Vancouver, BC
  • I randomly found Paul via a Google search and am so glad I did. Paul is a wonderful, experienced coach who made me feel at ease from the jump. He’s also very talented and a helpful coach. I highly recommend booking lessons with him, regardless of your level.  PIXILICIOUS, USA  
  • I had a great time learning from Paul. I didn't have any previous singing experience, but Paul was able to quickly give me tips and tricks that allowed me to drastically improve my sound.  If there's something specific I wanted to learn, I explained it to Paul and he was able to help me immediately! I would definitely recommend him to anyone.   P. J.   Vancouver, BC
  • I felt like I was the most frightened student Paul has ever had.  I received voice lessons as a gift and was sure I didn't want to go.  I loved to sing but was strictly a "shower" singer.  After much reflection I decided to face my fears and go.  It was the best decision I've ever made.  At the first lesson Paul was somehow able to put me at ease.  I'm not sure how he did it, but there I was actually singing in front of him AND having fun doing it.  The hour just flew by. As the lessons continued my nervousness eased and I became focused on, and excited by, the improvements I was making to my voice.  When my five lessons were over I surprised my friends and family by signing up for more lessons.  Working with Paul has been a transformative experience for me and I feel truly blessed and grateful to have had him as my voice teacher.  PATRICIA ISINGER, Vancouver, BC
  • If you are a first-time voice student and perhaps a little (or, in my case, a lot) afraid to sing in front of others, then Paul is the perfect choice.  He's enthusiastic, supportive, encouraging and always finds and focuses on the positive.  And he's funny.  You'll laugh a lot and not even remember why you were so scared in the first place.  I have recommended him to my friends and will continue to do so.  Thank you Paul for helping me find my voice!   PATRICIA ISINGER, Vancouver, BC
  • Wow.  I had my first Musical audition and had no clue where to start.  Luckily, Paul came to the rescue.  In a week we did 6 hours of intense training to extend my range and loosen up some stiff vocal cords.  He's really encouraging, looking for positives while keeping your goals realistic.  Paul went above and beyond in every respect.  He helped me find songs and sheet music and helped me block out the audition, bringing energy required for the piece so that it wasn't just a song, but rather a small showEven though I didn't book the role, he gave me the confidence to go in there and do the best I could.  After the audition was over he even e-mailed me links and more of his vocal tips. His dedication to my success will definitely get me back to his studio.  Thanks Paul!  RAFAEL PELLERIN, Actor, Vancouver, BC
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for 5 lessons so far and have found a wealth of knowledge and enjoyment from his teaching.  He is not only genuine and caring, but he knows how to bring out the best in someone with his large and creative repertoire of techniques.  I fully enjoy my classes and look forward to each one.  I would recommend Paul to anyone that is looking to get more enjoyment from singing and improve their voice.  REES MULLER, Vancouver, BC
  • I've had a few lessons from past vocal coach/trainers, but Paul is the best! Singing has become more enjoyable than ever before. Since starting with him, he has been guiding me through visual techniques, as I am quite visual. I did not tell Paul that I was, but he honed in on it right away, upon the first lesson! This among other techniques he teaches, of course, has to date, affected my stage "jitters" in a positive way.  Thanks to Mr. Paul Ouellette, my excitement for music and singing continue upwards and onwards!!! =)     RUSO LLANERA, Vancouver, BC
  • Paul Ouellette is an excellent teacher with an exceptional understanding of both operatic and pop singing technique. His approach is easily understandable and his teaching style energizing, friendly and supportive. I have made lots of progress working with Paul.  SANDERS WHITING, Vancouver, BC
  • I am very lucky to have found Paul as a singing teacher. Initially I thought I would do better with a female teacher but this conviction changed within minutes of my first lesson with Paul. He quickly had me singing and breathing and moving core muscles in new ways that there was no time to be self-conscious. Paul’s lessons move at a fast pace but they are not tiring. He has the knack of assessing just exactly where I am with each exercise and then taking me one step further. I come away from his studio feeling energized and confident that I can reach my goals of strengthening my voice and being better able to keep a tune so that I have the skills to audition for a demanding choir. I have just prepaid for 20 more lessons!  SUSAN KOPPERSMITH, Retired Teacher, Vancouver, BC
  • When I first started with Paul I thought I would just take a few lessons to learn the basics which I could apply to the choir that I sing in. Now, here it is a year later and I am still studying weekly with Paul. I have discovered that learning to free up the voice takes a lot of practice and a long time! But Paul makes it fun. I bring in songs that I want to sing. He very quickly figures out how to make exercises from the songs to help me keep the chord connection. He is always quick to tell me when the sound is free and full, so that I can internalize the feeling and try to remember it. He can easily do some ear training and harmony exercises with the songs as well. This past summer I did an intensive with Paul, taking five lessons in a row. I found that the daily lessons really helped to consolidate everything more. He always sends e-mail notes after each lesson so I don't have to take notes. No time is wasted and I come away from each lesson feeling much freer, yet grounded. I have found that the benefits of learning to free up the tension around my throat and mouth have moved out into other parts of my life, as well. Thanks, Paul!  SUSAN KOPPERSMITH, Retired Teacher, Vancouver, BC
  • Taking these singing lessons with Paul has completely changed not only my sound, but my overall confidence in my ability. Paul has given me the ability to sing in a way I never thought I could. Any nervousness I felt quickly vanished with Paul's calming personality. He put me at ease right away with his teaching style and made me feel totally comfortable and confident singing. I can't wait to continue with more lessons and I would recommend Paul to everyone!! Thanks Paul!!  TAMARA JASWAL, Vancouver, BC
  • What a wonderful approach to teaching!  Paul's fun, enthusiastic, positive energy really encouraged Emma to step out of her comfort zone and try something different.  My daughter was so excited to reach the notes Paul helped her reach.  The exercises  were fun, interesting and helped her understand how to get her voice to make such beautiful sounds.  We are both so happy to have worked with Paul and look forward to more lessons with him.  TERRYRAE McCAULEY, Vancouver, BC
  • I decided to explore my voice and what it is capable of by signing up for a few lessons with Paul.
    My experience was extraordinary.  Paul is the best instructor I have ever had in any category.  First of all his energetic and always positive attitude creates a warm and unintimidating atmosphere.  He also has a limitless number of ideas and tools to help one improve. 

  • Paul is both talented at and passionate about singing and teaching. Moreover, he's incredibly friendly, kind, and supportive. All these make him an AMAZING vocal coach!  As an amateur singer, I haven't had much training before.  Paul is excellent at pinpointing areas of improvement in a very positive and encouraging way. He worked with me step by step to resolve issues, very patiently and also very effectively. The classes were fun and so enjoyable that the hour just flew by.  He also went way above and beyond the class time with a questionnaire to "customize" the lessons for me...then sent after class emails for review and extra tip/resources for singing.  His dedication to the success of his students is truly impressive.  I was very happy with my 6 one-hour lessons and I look forward to more lessons from Paul.  I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone who wants to sing well!  YING YU, Vancouver, BC
  • Super fun, inspiring and it works! If I can learn to sing at 41 then Paul must be very talented. He is happy to work at any pace that suits you, your goals and lifestyle. Plus he's very good at making you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease (considering the anxiety some of us have around singing!). After taking just a few lessons, I finally had the courage to join a choir and enjoy more music and singing in my life. Truly delighted with discovering Paul.  ZAN ROMEDER, Vancouver, BC


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