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SingPro - vocal program (instant download)

Do you need some extra help with structuring your practicing at home or when you are on the go? Here is a comprehensive, easy-to-use singing program that helps tremendously.  Use on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.  Created by celebrity vocal coach.

Improve your power, tone, range, pitch.  Easy-to-use.  A variety of warm-ups and workouts lasting 20-minutes, plus much more.

Disclosure: I earn a commission when anyone purchases through the shopify link below. I also offer you a complimentary 15-minute session to help you get started with the program once you've purchased it. I too purchased the program and use it personally. It is exceptional.  http://singpro-shopify-com.myshopify.com/products/singpro#_l_61

Watch 3-minute video below to learn more.

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Paul Ouellette

ONLINE LESSONS ONLY (ZOOM, SKYPE, FACETIME etc), effective March 21, 2020 

(Vancouver and Abbotsford physical locations not open due to covid-19 and reports that singing releases a large number of droplets & aerosols)

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