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From 2005 to 2010, Paul performed exclusively as part of pop-opera groups, The Canadian Tenors and Destino.  Below are his solo career quotes prior to 2005.  He now returns to his solo career, sharing his time between performing and teaching, two of his greatest passions.

"...Paul Ouellette, came onstage at this point and performed a solid 'Hymne A L'Amour' in almost a classic crooner's style. It was fantastic."

(Insight Magazine) The Canadian Tenors Concert June 2005

"Ouellette also sings well, displaying an impressive ability to imbue a song with emotion."

(Times Columnist 2004) The Canadian Tenors Concert June 2004 (World Premiere)

“...Paul Ouellette, lyric tenor, with very pretty pipes and a character suited to the music...”

(Tiger Tracker, 2004) The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Pops: Gilbert & Sullivan

"...and the young tenor Paul Ouellette, as the ballad someone to watch for."

(Vancouver Sun, March 25, 2002) Vancouver Opera: "Of Mice and Men" by Carlisle Floyd

"Particularly notable, too, were Jackalyn Short...and most particularly Paul Ouellette, who breathtakingly suspended time while singing his ballad."

(Opera Canada, Summer 2002 issue) Vancouver Opera: "Of Mice and Men"

"There was powerful effect from the huge intonations of the two 'armed men,' Paul Ouellette, and Angus Bell."  

(Vancouver Sun, April 30, 2001) Vancouver Opera, Die Zauberflöte

"...Ouellette has especially effective facial expressions, as well as a sweet, true tenor voice."  

(Edmonton Sun, June 25, 2001) Newly Organized Operatic Vocalists Association (NUOVA): The Lover in "Amelia Goes to the Ball"

"...Ouellette added a yearning tenor."

(Surrey MetroValley News, December 2000) Handel Society Choir: Mozart's Requiem

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